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We understand how important it is to have a green, textured, and lush lawn. A well maintained lawn adds to the serenity of your Chino Hills landscape, gives children a safe outdoor surface to play on, and helps with real estate appreciation. We also understand how frustrating a sprinkler malfunction can be. When your sprinkler system goes haywire, not only does your lawn suffer, but your wallet does as well, as a leaking sprinkler will cause your monthly utility bills to skyrocket. That’s why our fully insured and certified team of technicians has made it their commitment to provide prompt and professional sprinkler system services.

The Sprinkler Repair Company has over 100 years of combined experience evaluating, repairing, and upgrading residential, commercial, and industrial sprinkler systems in the Chino Hills area. No job is too big or too small. From replacing valves and rain sensors to raising and lowering heads, from tuning up systems to installing new ones, our hard working and professional team is quick to come to your aid, diagnose the issue, and get your sprinkler system up and running again.


When you’re looking to upgrade your existing sprinkler system, you need a company you can trust. The Sprinkler Repair Company has been serving the Chino area for over 40 years. Throughout the past several decades, we’ve been committed to keeping up-to-date with all the latest technical advances in the irrigation industry. We are thrilled to see so much innovative technology available on the market and are excited to share the cost and energy saving benefits that come with them.

Convert Your Manual Valves to Automatic Valves

When you make the decision to switch from manual valves to automatic valves, you are already well on your way to saving time, money, and energy. Not only does an automatic system use less water than watering by hand, but your plants and grass will live much longer. Many of our La Verne clients are shocked after they receive their first water bill and see how much money their saving.

Upgrade Your Timer

Timers are also an easy way to save time, money, and energy. What many people don’t realize is that different areas of their lawn require different amounts of water. Slopes, for example, should only be watered in short intervals and areas exposed to sun should be watered more often than shaded areas. Before leaving your La Verne home, our team will gladly show you how to add zones on your digital timer.

Rain Sensor Shutoff

Sometimes it’s best to leave the watering up to Mother Nature. When you install a rain sensor, your system will automatically shut down when it detects significant rainfall. That’s money back in your pocket and a peace of mind while you’re away!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is My Sprinkler Head Leaking?

There are many reasons your sprinkler head could be leaking. Most of the time roots growing in or around the nozzle or pipes will cause a faulty connection. Once we arrive, our team will rule out any other possibilities and check for potential wears and tears. When it comes to sprinkler leaks, avoiding the problem, or delaying it, will only make matters worse. Don’t wait another day. Call the experts at The Sprinkler Repair Company and let us know the nature of the malfunction, i.e. is your sprinkler head leaking while your sprinkler is in use or when your sprinkler is off.

Why Isn’t My Sprinkler Turning Off?

No need to be alarmed, your sprinkler system isn’t possessed. Like leaks, there are a number of reasons your sprinkler system isn’t turning off. If you are like most people, you may have tried to solve the problem on your own by unplugging the timer, only to learn that sprinkler systems are not as straightforward as you originally thought. Most likely it is a hydraulic problem and you’ll need to call a professional.

Having Trouble Finding Valves?

Over time, grass will grow over and bury your system sprinkler valves. If your valve box was installed above ground it may be easier to locate, but if it was installed underground, finding it can be extremely tricky. Luckily, The Sprinkler Repair Company aims to keep things simple. Using a wire and valve locater, an instrument similar to a metal detector, we can easily find a missing valve.

Sprinklers Not Covering as Well as It Used to?

Distance depends on incoming water pressure, so a warn valve or a leak could be the culprit. Do you know how or where to shut-off your system when a zone is stuck on? 99 percent of the time the valve is stuck because debris. This is a common and an unavoidable problem. Rest assured The Sprinkler Repair Company has all the necessary tools and equipment to get your sprinkler back to its working condition in no time. We realize that your time is a precious commodity. That’s why our service truck is fully stocked with everything we need.